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Anti Aging & Firming Facial

Get glowing, youthful skin that boasts the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles by feeding it with the phytonutrients, antioxidants and vitamins found inacai, blueberry, raspberry and brambleberry with Éminence’s Firm Skin AcaiMasque. When combined with the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid, skin isplumped and firmed to turn back the years for skin that appears ageless.

Clear Skin Facial

Say goodbye to problem skin and hello to a radiantly clear complexion with clarifying and calming ingredients. Cooling cucumber tones and revitalizes skin while refining yogurt works to exfoliate and eliminate the signs of acne with Éminence’s Clear Skin Probiotic Masque so your skin will glow with new found confidence in no time.

Bright Skin Facial

The natural Hydroquinone Alternative in the Bright Skin products controls and inhibits the development and activity of pigment producing melanocytes in the skin, similar to the effect of hydroquinone but without the damaging effects. As a result, dark spots are lightened and the complexion becomes more even and luminous. Plus, the solution inhibits development of new hyperpigmentation by protecting the skin.


Calm Skin Facial

Signs of redness and hyperpigmentation are minimized. Your skin will be beautifully detoxified; inflammation and irritation reduced.  This anti oxidant rich treatment softens and soothes the skin while helping to minimize the visible signs of redness and irritation.


Eminence Add On Treatments (15 minutes each): 
Extra Hungarian Facial Massage

Let our therapist spend an extra 15 minutes massaging your facial muscles to lift and tighten skin naturally.  

Bearberry Eye Repair

This renewing treatment uses botanicals to promote circulation while decreasing puffiness and discoloration under the eyes.


Luminous Vitamin C Facial

This anti-free radicals facial combats dull and dehydrated skin with a deep cleanse, customized exfoliation, and high potency vitamin C combined with brightening mushroom extract.  Excellent for sun damaged skin.


Collagen Stimulation Facial

This is an excellent facial for those seeking tighter, more youthful-looking skin.  The treatment includes a deep cleanse, a mandeleic acid peel (excellent for dull skin), infusion of high potency peptides and anti-oxidants, finished with a deep hydration mask.


Rosacea Facial

Treat your sensitive skin to all the benefits of pumpkin enzymes (exfoliating and purifying), carrot juice (softening), and algae extracts (hydrating, soothing, and high in essential minerals).  This facial soothes the skin, eases blotchiness, and reduces redness.


Pigment Relief Facial

Even skin tone and nourish skin with customized products to brighten the complexion.  Additional mask prevents the synthesis of melanin in hyperpigmented areas, while herbal extracts cool and firm the skin and prevent free-radical damage.


Ultra Hydration Facial

This treatment starts with a deep cleanse before refining the skin with a 30% lactic acid peel, which will remove the dull skin surface cells and repair the barrier function of the skin.  We then infuse the skin with an ultra hydration mask with anise and plumeria essential oils, before finishing with hylaronic acid and rich finishing moisturizers.


Acne Clarifying Facial

Providing acne control and prevention, this facial begins with a deep cleanse and extractions, and uses customized products to combat bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin.  

40% Glycolic Acid Peel

This facial is customized with products specific to your skin,  plus a powerful peel recommended for resurfacing in cases of scar reduction, hyperpigmentation, acne and blemishes, and photo damaged skin.  Also excellent for building collagen for anti-aging benefits.